Artificial Neural Network

April 25, 2012 § 6 Comments

The status bar slowly creeps across the flickering screen.

“Thirty-five percent.” The system’s semi-female voice booms loudly. The background of the computer screen is a haze of isometric algorithms and cognitive modeling simulations being packaged into a neat little executable file for wireless distribution across the global network.

“Knight, C6” says the voice, much quieter this time, “also called The Nimzsowitsch Defence.”

I roll my eyes and move the carved wooden horse across the chess board.

“How many times do I have to explain? You’re not supposed to announce your strategy.”

“Yes, Jon. I remember. However, I do not want an unfair advantage.”

“Unfair advantage!?” I sit up at my desk and toss a handful of scrap papers into the air. “Is that a joke? Did someone program you to be funny while I was asleep this morning?” I jolt out of my seat and walk over to a wall mounted console. There must be another problem with the memory formulas. “Maybe your synthetic potentiation tables are corrupted again.” My fingers move along the keys as I scan the screen for errors and anomalies in the programming. “Or maybe you’ve finally become human enough to forget that I was a world chess champion nine times over before I was even eighteen.”

“I do remember that, Jon. However, I have won the last twelve games.” The voice sounds almost smug but that is not possible. “You also lost the 2062 world championship game in twenty-two moves.”

“Didn’t I say we would keep that in confidence? Just between us?” I can find no errors in the system.

“Yes, Jon. I do remember that.”

“Besides,” I remove my glasses and turn away from the keyboard, “simultaneously upgrading 30 million parallelly distributed processing cores must cause some minute distraction to your chess game.” Before the words can leave my mouth I already realize how incredibly wrong they are.

“No, Jon.”

I sigh and sit back at my desk. “Shall we continue, Ann?”

“Yes, Jon.”


written for the trifecta challenge


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