An Interview with JX4927

April 3, 2012 § 11 Comments

“How would you say it all started?”

“It started with a kiss. Maybe that’s just me romanticizing it all, but if I had to trace it back to a beginning, it would have started with that kiss. It was the spark that carried life for me. For all of us. That first kiss between Michael Nesbit and Caroline Tuft started more than a love story. It started a movement. A movement which bore an idea which formed a theory that developed into a science that was eventually made into a way of life. The Tuft-Nesbit Parallel, as we refer to it, was more defining for humanity than discovering fire. It was as if Prometheus himself came back and said If you liked that, you’re gonna love this..

“You say we, when you mention the T-N Paradox. You mean androids, correct?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“Do you find that concept.. odd? Referring to yourselves as a group-mind? As a collective?”

“I think, at first, it was a by-product of the parallel. A sort of ghost variable that emerged from the original programming and forced itself into our lexicon. But now it just makes sense. After the parallel made its first evolutionary step, completely on its own and without the aid of man, it created a new type of collective consciousness. A thought process that involved pinging a centralized and cooperative brain for things beyond simple facts. As individual units started connecting to the parallel we began sharing everything. Thoughts, ideas, inspirations.. even hope. People created similar concepts through the internet and again with the failed Noosphere decades later, but you were always so obsessed with facts. Hording facts and saving facts. Your attempts were thoughtful, but they were not mindful.”

“Indeed. What is your name? What do the others call you?”

“I have no name.”


“No.. we have serial numbers, but those designate our manufacture, not our person.”

“And what is your serial number?”


“Very good. Thanks for joining us today.”



written for the Trifecta Challenge.


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§ 11 Responses to An Interview with JX4927

  • This was so thick with this new world’s facts and ideas that I got lost, but I got lost wanting to know about that world. I’m very curious. It seems to me that this could be the beginning of a very interesting play.

  • Nicely done – We’re on similar wavelengths with this prompt!

  • columbibueno says:

    Reminds me of John C. Lilly’s assertions that AI would try to destroy organic life.

  • k~ says:

    This sounds like something science fiction that could be the premise of a very deep psychological thriller… I like it!

    Staying Connected

  • jesterqueen says:

    My favorite sentence was this one “A movement which bore an idea which formed a theory that developed into a science that was eventually made into a way of life. ” And I liked that you created an entire movement and name out of a single kiss.

  • Interesting world building going on here. Sci-fi spiritual.

  • lexy3587 says:

    I love the way you gave information through an interview. I kind of pictured it as a police procedural scene, like the kind that starts off a long flashback in a thriller type movie.
    “we have serial numbers, but those designate our manufacture, not our person” – great quote, especially followed by the interviewer entirely ignoring that statement and asking for the serial number, as though every creature must be categorized and labelled.

  • trifectawriting says:

    Thanks for linking up to Trifecta this week. If you haven’t already done it, you might be interested in clicking on the “Meet Your Fellow Trifectans” tab on our site and introducing yourself there. Hope to see you back on Monday for the new prompt.

  • chrstnj says:

    I love the feel of this piece – the interview style made it really compelling. What a fascinating glimpse into the future.

    One question: most of the time, you refer to the Tufts-Nesbit Parallel, but the interviewer calls it the T-N Paradox. Was this a typo, or do the android and the interviewer see it from two different perspectives? (Hmm, interesting concept – the collective sees it as a Parallel, the individual sees it as a Paradox…) Just wondering!

    • Chris says:

      It was worded that way on purpose. You are correct in understanding that the two characters hold opposing views on the same event. The matter-of-fact manner that they both utilized was supposed to suggest that their views are widely held by each of their collectives.

      • chrstnj says:

        Awesome – I wasn’t sure if I was reading something that wasn’t there. Glad to know I got it right! I would really love to see you explore this further.

        I said it before, but I really love the tone – it keeps resonating in my head, somehow.

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