Riding the Bovine

June 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

Can you name one animal that continues to drink milk after its childhood?  What about an animal that drinks the milk of another?  We were all taught from a very early age that we must ingest as much milk as is possible or our bones would melt into a jelly and/or snap into pieces as we walked to school.  How is it that something so seemingly essential to us is so unnatural?  It is seldom realized (mostly by men) that mammals only produce milk when needed to feed their young.  Diary Cows, which are a pretend breed of cow we frankensteined into existence for the middle American economy, exist for the singular purpose of producing milk. Through generations of hormone manipulation and selective breeding we have created cows that produce milk all year round. In nature, cows are not milk factories who live solely for the joy of secreting our daily vitamin intake, they are mammals like you or I.    The usual counter-argument to this is that milk is a vital source of calcium and vitamins A&D for growing young boys (sometimes girls as well).

This is blind human assumption at its best.

In a comparison between human breast milk and cows milk, human breast milk is exceedingly more healthy on nearly every measurable level.  If you have an overwhelming desire for a tall glass of mammary juice, you should be drinking it from your mother, not a land manatee. But this is a side-note really, because you don’t need to drink milk as an adult. Almost all of the healthy benefits provided by milk are designed with helping a small mammal grow into a large one.  The benefits of cow milk are to grow calves into 1600 pound cows, not to help Jimmy get on the basketball team or help Mary hit puberty at nine.  Milk is for babies.  If you can read this you are not a baby, unless you are a baby genius, in which case you know all this already.

One may argue that the need for calcium outweighs any sort of common sense or respect for natural boundaries.  In reality, milk is not a very good source of calcium.  You can get almost twice as much calcium from sunflower seeds, sesame seeds or almonds when compared to an equal serving of milk.  This magic elixir also contains traces of blood, bile, pesticides, bacteria, and bovine antibiotics.  These are not things I would enjoy with my Waffle Crisp. The peddling of milk to American society by omission and misinformation rivals that of tobacco.  At least we already found out tobacco causes cancer.


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